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Translating to Heavenly Port Tianjin is the proud ancient port city of Beijing. The city is fast growing and metropolitan yet it's held on to a traditional laid back atmosphere with friendly locals, great food and a growing bar scene.

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Jinan is often called the "Spring City" for its famous 72 artesian springs. The city played an important role in Chinese Buddhist culture and has been inhabited for ore than 4000 years. Experience Chinese culture in Jinan.

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Heavenly Port of China

Cost of Living

With the comparatively low cost of living in Tianjin and Jinan it's easy to set aside money for a rainy day or that new TV you have your eye on.

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In And Around Tianjin

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WQ is the new IQ EF has always been at the forefront of global education… With multiple divisions across the globe all working to address different global educational challenges. From learning a language to exploring the culture and history of a country EF is Opening The World Through Education. This statement is true for our students and clients but…

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