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EF Tianjin 2019 Annual Conference

Looking back on our accomplishments as teachers, PAs, CCs, managers and all those who contributed to another amazing year with EF Tianjin, tonight we celebrated the establishment of the JunJie Education Group.  

We welcomed into the family two new businesses to the group, D-Bat and USBA, our more athletically-minded friends. But most importantly, we celebrated the accomplishments we’ve made in 2018.  

In the coming year we will face many challenges, and we will undoubtedly see many successes as well – we look to working with one another, through collaboration and teamwork – and we remember, without innovation, we have no way to grow.  

Thankyou to those who contributed to an awesome night, and congratulations to those who won awards – but remember, we are all one team and without any one of you, EF Tianjin and JunJie Education Group would be a very different place than it is today.  

Happy New Year!  红红火火!

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