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Tinajing Cultural Center Unwind

Binhai Cultural Center

Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center Tianjin’s Economic Development Area does not disappoint when it comes to things to do and places to go. The large, modern area of the city is constantly being built on, with new attractions for locals and expats alike seeming to appear all the time. The newest, and most impressive, addition to […]

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Kids having fin in English Class

Fresh Ideas for Your Classroom

Like me, you are likely to find yourself teaching the same lessons multiple times. For example, I currently have three SSC classes in the same unit and I have multiple HFE classes all following each other through the books. You could go crazy teaching the same lesson over and over, or you could do a […]

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What do you wear when its sunny

How Teaching Could Change You

Change is good. If you had asked me two and a half years ago whether I would still be teaching in China, I would probably have said you’re joking. Back then, I was an artist for a video games company – it was a fun job, the people were nice and it was something I […]

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Duchhund through the snow2

1 Week a Month – Of Tree Skirts and Turkeys

Of tree skirts and turkeys… It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and already the Christmas bug has taken over. Being a November baby, I focus more on my birthday and turkey, and think less about Christmas trees and Christmas albums. This month, however, I can only think of what decorations will look good in my house […]

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