Staff Bios TJ1

Dell Johnston

Senior Teacher Supervisor

  • At EF TJ since 2007
  • Started in ESL 2015

When it comes to my thoughts on educating or working with my colleagues, it is all about listening, observing and being an example of what I preach. I think we are all constantly learning. Not only can I teach them but they can teach me as well.

Food for thought: “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you” - Ralph Emerson

    Qubber Yang

    Senior Teacher

    • At EF TJ since 2010
    • Started in ESL 2009

    I took this quote (“When you are teaching, you should take your students as your kids or take them as yourself.”) from a Ted Talk video and it has really impacted my teaching and training. It helps me to think more from my students’ side when I plan or deliver my lessons which not only breaks down barriers but also builds a special bridge between us.

    Food for thought: “To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always in color” - Anon

      Yuppy Yu

      Associate Senior Teacher

      Yuppy Yu
      • At EF TJ since 2013
      • Started in ESL 2011

      It’s been amazing for me to meet so many amazing people at EF. I enjoy my every single minute at EF. We are an incredibly motivated, talented and professional team. Join us, You'll never regret your decision.

      Food for thought: "Stay positive and happy. Keep learning and exploring!" - Anon

        Susan Xie

        Senior Teacher

        • At EF TJ since 2013
        • Started in ESL 2013

        I have a deep love for teaching and really enjoy working with my students, especially creating art projects with them. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and learning about different cultures. I learn more to have more ideas and thinking to teacher my students better.

        Food for thought: "Learning by doing is my key to opening the door to language learning." - Anon