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1 Week a Month – Of Tree Skirts and Turkeys

Of tree skirts and turkeys…

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and already the Christmas bug has taken over. Being a November baby, I focus more on my birthday and turkey, and think less about Christmas trees and Christmas albums. This month, however, I can only think of what decorations will look good in my house and what I can do to make this year’s tree better than last year’s.
I started taking sewing classes a year ago here in Tianjin, and for Christmas last year I got the gift of a sewing machine. So my first thought of the week was to buy some fabric, so that I could make a Christmas tree skirt. For those of you that don’t know what a tree skirt is, it is a mat that is put under the tree to protect the floor from needles or sap. Over time it became tradition to even put it under fake Christmas trees. I think mostly to cover the ugly plastic and wobbly legs.

You do your thing, I’ll do mine.

Normally Christmas tree skirts are gaudy, and when shopping for fabric, Taobao didn’t disappoint. I was able to find some red and white plush fabric, and as I continued to scroll through the many types of fabric, I came across faux green fur. I knew I had to have it. With my order placed, I waited for the fabric to arrive.
Once my fabric arrived, I made it to my sewing class and instead of taking part in the project my instructor was having the class make, I informed her that I would be making an over the top Christmas tree skirt. Once all the red and white pieces were cut out, it was time for the fur. The fur was hard to handle. It had to be trimmed along the edges so that it could be securely sewn onto the red pieces.

4 weeks to Christmas.

After 4 hours, it was complete. I don’t recommend working with fur to anyone. Fur was everywhere and it was a mess. It got all over our clothes and on the projects of my classmates. Luckily for them and me, I brought my trusty lint roller. A much needed tool when sewing. All in all it was a lot of fun.
Now that the tree skirt is done and ornaments have been bought, it is time to follow my family’s tradition and patiently wait till the 25th of November.

More November Bonuses.

Some other things done in this month:
* Christmas fabric gift bags. Instead of wasting paper every year for wrapping gifts, this month in class we made 24 draw string bags of different sizes. They are a money saver and can be reused every year.
* Christmas stockings. Another staple in holiday decor is the Christmas stocking. Used for holding stocking stuffers.
* These were ordered and not made. But recently I mentioned to Nathaniel that I couldn’t find any Dachshund Christmas ornaments. So he went onto Taobao, and was able to get some ornaments made using photos we took of our puppy.